Based in Lahore, Pakistan, Elite Pharma (Pvt.) Ltd., is a leading manufacturer and exporter of various Pharmaceutical products & Empty Glass Ampoules manufacturers. It is an ISO-9001-2015 and 14001-2015 certified company, that speaks volumes of the premium quality of its products. 

Established in the year 1998 to develop and manufacture quality Injectable Pharmaceutical Formulations and Empty Glass Ampoules, Elite Pharma (Pvt.) Ltd., is backed by its efficient team of technical experts with their vast experience in the field of Pharmaceutical and Empty Glass Ampoule Manufacturing. With this knowledge base and the firm's dedicated efforts, the product range has been expanded to produce Capsules, Dry Syrups, Creams Ointments and Dry Injectable powders and LVPs.

Present Setup:

Empty Glass ampoules Section:
For production of Empty Glass Ampoules in the range from 1 c.c to 10 c.c using both amber and clear glass.

Parenterals (Liquid Injections) Section:
Exclusively for liquid injections of 1ml to 10ml size.

Semi-Synthetic Penicillin Section:
For capsulation in hard gelatin capsules and Suspensions of different drugs in Semi Synthetic Penicillin group. 

External Preparation Section:
Fully equipped to manufacture ointments, emulsions, lotions and creams of different drugs. 

Cephalosporin Section:
Exclusively for capsulation in hard gelatin Capsules, Injections in dry substance equivalent to 0.25 gm, 0.5 gm and 1 gm and Suspensions of different drugs in Cephalosporin group. 

Parenterals (Liquid Infusions): Exclusively for liquid infusion of Quinolone group in 50 to 100 ml pack size.

Upcoming Setup:

General Section:
For the manufacturing of general suspensions, general capsules and sachets of different drugs.

Branch of medical science that deals with the health and welfare of animals. Veterinary medicine is a challenging field. We are in the process of building facilities to produce wide range of Veterinary formulations in Pakistan, in Sachet, Liquid/ Dry Powder Inject able, Powder and Suspension forms. 

Our endeavors are focused towards making available the best quality of medicines at affordable price to alleviate the sufferings of mankind. We offer products that conform to international standards and keep strict control over the quality at each stage. To bring the quality of its products in line with world-class technology, Elite Pharma (Pvt.) Ltd., set itself the goal of introducing a range of specialized products, based on leading technologies available globally. 

INFRASTRUCTURE... JUST MATCHLESS: We employ 125 direct workmen and about 50 staff, pharmacists and executives. Our manufacturing facilities are strategically located in industrial estate near Lahore, Pakistan. For quality control and development of our products, we have our in-house and well-equipped laboratory, duty approved by the aforesaid inspecting authorities. 

WE TRIED HARD TO ACHIEVE OUR PERCEPTION: Our objective has always been to make the products market-friendly in Pakistan and abroad. Foreseeing that survival would depend on being able to manufacture products comparable to the best available in the world, Elite Pharma (Pvt.) Ltd., is in the process of continuously upgrading its manufacturing facilities and is now a GMP certified company.